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Love. Express it. 


Valentine's is also a day to be grateful for those who have loved and supported us along the way. Family, friends, bus drivers, health care workers, cashiers, a long list of people and pets who enrich our lives by being who they are in any given moment of interaction.


Take this opportunity to say:

Thank You; I Love You; I Appreciate You; I Cherish You.


If they are no longer physically with you, remember them. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and recall those I miss so much and whom always made life better for others.


Carry on, live life from the spark of love shared with you and give it to others.


More than just a day. Grateful is a way to Be. Express it.


And to Walter, my Sweetie and partner-in-life, Happy Valentine's Day. 


Thank you for encouraging me to leap into a more fulfilling life and for bringing two amazing people into my life, your daughters.





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