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Dill+Uhl = DillUhlsional

We (Walter Dill & Monica Uhl) started dating in November 2012. A few months later Monica, loving to play with words, realized that our names together was DillUhlsional. We took this as a fun and fateful sign that we had to re-organize our lives and get to work transforming the design and dance at a time.


Talulah & Clyde: Our first major collaboration was customizing this 30' 1956 Airfloat Land Yacht, Talulah, as well as Clyde, our 1999 F450 diesel box truck, tow vehicle, portable workshop, and gallery. Lots of pictures here.


Inside our box truck, Clyde


Fabricating the "bubble" at the front of Talulah.

Video of us dancing to The Crashers next to our designs at a recent event

Dancing through life by design

When we hear energetic music we are inspired to share the joy of dance. When we find great materials we are inspired to create functional beauty. 

Dance: Walter has taught non-competitive partner dance (Swing, Salsa, Waltz, etc.) for many years. Monica started teaching with Walter about 6 years ago and has loved to danced since a small child. Once it is safer to gather together in larger groups, we will offer classes  and workshops. 


Design: we especially enjoy repurposing materials headed towards the waste stream into heirloom quality items that can be used and enjoyed for years. We have been happily using hardwood from near our Indiana home.


Walter's formal education and life-long passion was and is in art and design. The clocks below are a few examples. Many more can be seen on the collections page.

The picture to the left is Walter painting with acrylics on one of the ceiling panels in our trailer.


After leaving her beloved world of international trade, Monica explored a new outlet for her creative energies. She started a greeting card design business in the early '90s. She was drawn back into the corporate world - bills had to be paid. She became the CEO of an agency style company primarily doing work for Microsoft and HP. Since meeting Walter she has left the corporate world and has been developing and refining her artistic side.


This calligraphy used on our site is from Monica's hand.

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