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Frequently asked questions

  • Children under 12 are free with paying adult.

    • We love children to be present. They must be either engaged with the class or involved in a non-running-around activity. 😊 Questions? Contact us.

  • Cost: This is a 5-week dance class series. The cost covers all 5 lessons in the series. No extra charge for having fun.

  • Shoes: The best shoes for dancing are hard soled (leather, etc.) which slide and allow easier rotation. We recently danced for hours wearing sneakers on concrete and did OK, so bring your best option. Also, leather can be glued to the bottom of your comfortable shoes. Corrao Shoe Repair in New Albany might be able to help. Another "in a pinch" option is duct tape! (Monica's extra "practice pair" of shoes are a pair of Lem's Primals with duct tape.😁)

  • Perfume/Cologne: Please avoid wearing cologne, perfume, or other scents. Many people are allergic to or negatively affected by certain smells.

  • Smoking: The hall is a smoke-free facility. Please refrain from attending class in clothes that contain odor residues. Given proximity to others, please also consider a breath mint.

  • Partner? Do I need a partner to sign up?

    • No partner is required. We rotate partners throughout the class so singles will always be participating fully.

  • Why do we rotate partners?

    • Our experience from 35 years of teaching is that couples almost always learn more quickly and relaxedly if not isolated with their significant other. Also, learning becomes more well-rounded when dancing with a spectrum of partners.

  • Halitosis (bad breath) Out of respect for other class participants, please use a breath mint if this applies. (We keep them on hand. We like onions and garlic😉)

  • Can I drop in? Yes, but if you are a newbie, probably not after the second week. Contact us if you have any special requests, needs, or want a private lesson.

  • What if I miss a class?

    • Show up early the next week. We are set up for the 6:30 class at 6pm and can be available at 7:30 for the second class. It is a cumulative learning experience.

  • Flyer - A printable pdf of the flyer can be downloaded from our DillUhlsional Dance page.

  • Who are you two?

    • Walter had one of the most successful, beloved social partner dance instruction in Seattle. They have migrated this energy to Monica's home town. More on our About page.


Call, text, or email
if you have questions.

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