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Group lessons are in progress at the New Albany Knights of Columbus. Check out the latest schedule. Let's get dancing together!

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Make Life a Dance    Workshop


Partner dance, besides being a fun activity, can be a profound metaphor for moving creatively through life - if a few simple concepts are understood. Gain a whole-body awareness, not just intellectual, of how you relate with others. 

Monica and Walter know that everyone can dance and that the process of learning is much simpler and more meaningful than is currently understood in our culture.



  • How we hold ourselves in relation to another in dance (micro) is actually the same frame of reference we present as we move through life in general (macro).

  • How equality in relationship, as exemplified in the yin/yang symbol, is the ultimate dance.

  • How simple the underlying relationship is between dances done all over the world. We demystify dance.

  • How music and dance are universal languages capable of bringing joy into our lives, as it does worldwide.

  • How wisdom is a whole body understanding, not just an intellectual experience.

  • How dance can truly become movement from our heart because, to be done well, it requires moving from your center/core.

  • How learning from mistakes, and enjoying the process, brings surprising resolutions.

  • How collaboration is much more fun than competition.

  • How fun life can be - with practice and willingness to be open to it's possibilities. Let’s dance!


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