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Dancing through life by design

The name, DillUhlsonal: We (Walter Dill & Monica Uhl) started dating in November 2012. A few months later Monica, loving to play with words, realized that our names together could be DillUhlsional. To amplify the craziness of this "coincidence", we both had played with our names in endeavors earlier in our lives. Monica had a business called D'Uhly Noted, a greeting card company which evolved into a service to help people get online during the early days of the internet. Walter published a $2000/copy art "magazine" in 1983 called Dillusion, Periodically. (More on these projects on their/our respective pages.) We took this as a positive and fateful sign that we had to make our relationship work - or more accurately, be instrumental in transforming the world!! We ARE truly DillUhlsional.

Goal: To bring joy, beauty, and connection into the world. As you are probably aware, there is significant disconnection between opposites in our society and in the world in general.

Strategy: Our first steps toward our lofty goals include building our on-the road home base, a rather over-the-top customized 30' 1956 Airfloat travel trailer. We are creating a magical place for us to live in while traveling, and inspire others to be extraordinary.

Complementary, not opposing: With colors, opposites on the color wheel (red/green, orange/purple, etc.) are actually called complementary. Each color accentuates the opposite, not conflicts. We don't see many people complaining about the "Christmas colors", red and green, as conflicting - or, for instance, the UW Huskies purple and gold/yellow symbolizing internal conflict. Nope, they symbolize celebration and unity. Our experience is that when opposites learn to be complementary on all levels, not just verbal, 

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